Browning Maxus

Browning’s Maxus Posted in: Gear Review, Hunting Adventures Leave a Comment   Browning has always been known as an extremely reliable shotgun producing company, and nothing changes with their Maxus auto-loading shotgun. Why So Popular? Browning’s new Maxus has a few new additions and or changes they’ve made over the years from their first auto loader in the auto 5. First off, the finish on the gun is known as the Dura-Touch finish. This rubbery texture offers amazing feel, [Read More]

The Remington 870

The 870 has proved to be a legend of a bird gun.  Not only for me, but many others.   Considering a new shotgun?  On a budget?  I beg you to consider the Remington 870. [Read More]

The Stoeger M3000

The gun I hunt with is a Stoeger M3000. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect waterfowl gun for this upcoming season. I had an old Remington my dad had passed down to me, but I really wanted an auto-loading shotgun. So I began researching, testing, more researching and reading lots of reviews on various guns. When I finally settled on the Stoeger it was because of the reliability and the internal components. Benelli had bought out Stoeger a few years back and I was really [Read More]

Ebb Tide Calls

Ebb Tide Calls is a family owned and operated business I came across while looking Instagram one day. Tate Estis is a 14 year old out of Virginia who hand turns all his own calls. This kid does some amazing work on the lathe turning these calls. I finally caved and purchased a double reed mallard hen call from him. In about a week and a half the call was in my possession. Tate went to his backyard chopped down a walnut tree and hand turned me a beautiful cross cut walnut call with a nice [Read More]