The Stoeger M3000

The gun I hunt with is a Stoeger M3000.


I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect waterfowl gun for this upcoming season. I had an old Remington my dad had passed down to me, but I really wanted an auto-loading shotgun.

So I began researching, testing, more researching and reading lots of reviews on various guns. When I finally settled on the Stoeger it was because of the reliability and the internal components.

Benelli had bought out Stoeger a few years back and I was really intrigued to learn that the inertia drive system was in this gun. I finally whipped out the checkbook and decided to bite the bullet with the Stoeger. Us poor college kids can’t afford that name brand Benelli and Winchester shotguns that cost so damn much!

I will tell you what; this Stoeger has taken a beating so far this season. It’s been dunked in the swamp and still shot and cycled perfectly. It’s been rained on and sat in the mud for hours on end. It’s a really solid gun and for the price, I think I paid around $500 out the door from Gander Mountain; you really can’t get a better auto-loading shotgun.

It’s a bit on the heavy side to be honest, but it shoulders well for those quick ducks. I really wish I could shoot 3 1/2” shells but I couldn’t afford the M3500. It came with three different chokes, but I hunt with a Carlson choke tube.

It’s a solid gun and anybody on a budget like me should definitely give this gun a look.

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