Ebb Tide Calls

ebb_tide_callEbb Tide Calls is a family owned and operated business I came across while looking Instagram one day. Tate Estis is a 14 year old out of Virginia who hand turns all his own calls. This kid does some amazing work on the lathe turning these calls.

I finally caved and purchased a double reed mallard hen call from him. In about a week and a half the call was in my possession.

Tate went to his backyard chopped down a walnut tree and hand turned me a beautiful cross cut walnut call with a nice Michigan State colored band for my alma mater. The call is visually appealing making it a sweet addition to any lanyard. The nicest thing about this call though, is the way it blows. It’s a relatively soft call, which is great for a lot of the secluded river spots I hunt. I tend not to blow it often when I’m hunting large open public marshes. I go for a little louder call then. This call is real easy to chuckle with and creates real good sharp crisp notes when quaking. All in all it’s a great call and I cant say anything negative about it.

The best part about it is with shipping my call cost me right around $41. You can’t beat that price for a quality call! Give Tate and Ebb Tide Calls a look on Instagram, their handle is @ebb_tide_calls.


  1. margaret meldrim says:

    Is there a web site that I can purchase these calls from, I don’t have a clue what instagram is!

  2. Joseph Foster says:


    They do not have a website as far as I know. I spoke with Tate’s father via email. If you want email Dave, Tate’s father at ebbtidecalls@gmail.com He will take care of you and email you pictures of the calls that Tate has hand turned.

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