Pro Staff

Meet The Team

Let us introduce you to the MI Fowlers Pro Staff. Our team consists of nothing but professional ethical hunters that long to share the love of their sport. With our different styles of hunting come a very broad set of experiences and requirements not only on ourselves, but on our gear as well. Our members not only represent MI Fowlers, they also provide assistance and knowledge in regards to products, tips, reviews, and advice.

Alex Perry

Durand, Michigan

Ethical hunting has always been a passion of mine. Whether it was running dogs (for squirrel, rabbit, raccoon,coyote, and bear) or sitting out day after day waiting for the perfect buck to come in. Sitting in a boat fishing or in the marsh for waterfowl.

CJ Lauderdale

Durand, Michigan

I’ve been hunting since I was 11 years old. I Mostly dedicate my time to Deer hunting, There is nothing like letting an arrow fly in direction of a good ol whitetail buck! Since 1999 when I started, I’ve taken on Waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting and predator hunting. Out of the three I have to say waterfowl is my next favorite.
“Good luck to the future of hunting” “and remember to get Outdoors because memories are made in God’s country”

Jon Craven

Durand, Michigan

Hi my name is Jon craven . My wife and I have four beautiful children together. I’m a journeyman tree trimmer with i.b.e.w local 17. I’m an avid outdoors-man hunting and fishing is my passion I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan.

Nick Zilz

Fenton, Michigan

Operations Director and small business owner. My true passion however is being in the outdoors, especially with my two boys. Whether it’s chasing white tails, predators, waterfowl, upland game, or fishing, I participate in most of what Michigan has to offer. When I’m not hunting I spend much of the summer months preparing food plots and creating habitat improvements to my and neighboring properties.

Sam Stafford

St. Joseph, Michigan