Opening Day on the Saginaw River and Houghton Lake

It’s the second year in a row Sam and I had the opportunity to open the waterfowl season up together. This year was going to be a little more exciting; as we got to hunt two days earlier than normal by heading up to Houghton Lake for the Middle Zone opener here in Michigan, and our good friend Brian Edwards would be joining us. Brian is no slouch when it comes to waterfowl hunting and was a huge part of the success we had hunting up in that area. We left Brian’s place in Mount Pleasant around [Read More]

The First Goose

I don’t remember the exact date, but it was fairly early in the 2014 Michigan waterfowl season. It was later October I believe, and Sam and I had plans to meet up with his buddy A.P. to hunt Rose Lake. It was a relatively mild Michigan morning. The temperature was in the 40’s with little to no wind and no fog. It was the most ideal of waterfowl hunting conditions. We met up with A.P. at a gas station on the way to Rose Lake so we could stock up on coffee and beef jerky for the days [Read More]